New updates

photobiology 0.4.02 : A major update. New functionality related to spectral objects, and after lots of testing several bugs squashed.

photobiologygg 0.1.11 : Added scales for use in annotation of spectra.

photobiologyLamps 0.1.13 : Moved two functions to the photobiology package.

MayaCalc 3.0.14: A major update now using data.table and returning source.spct objects.

Note 1: These package updates are interdependent, if you update MayaCalc you will need to update photobiology and photobiologyLamps. If you update from the repository this will happen automatically.

Note 2: I have uploaded source packages (for all OSs and R 3.1.x) and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x. I have deleted R 3.0.x binary folder from the repository, as the current versions of the packages cannot be built with R < 3.1.0.

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