New updates

The most important of these updates is that to package photobiology, which is now at version 0.3.7. The main changes have to do with spectral objects and operators for them. A lot of testing and debugging was done, and a few functions and a data sets added.

Package photobiologyFilters, which is now at version 0.1.12 had some minor fixes and data additions. The ‘catalogue of filters’ has been updated.

Package photobiologyLamps, which is now at version 0.1.12 includes the same data as earlier but the code has been updated so that only spectral energy irradiance is stored in the spectral objects.


Since a few updates back, I have gradually changed the code to use data tables instead of data frames. Data tables are defined in package data.table, which is now required. However, the current release of data.table has a bug that breaks the code in my packages. This bug is fixed in the current development version of data.table, but this version (1.9.3) is not available through CRAN. I have built it and uploaded to the r4photo repository where my packages are.

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