Update: photobiology 0.3.12

Package photobiology is now at version 0.3.12, which has only a very small fix compared to version 0.3.11 that was in the repository for only a few hours. The main change from version 0.3.10 is the addition of three functions: wb2spct(), wb2tagged_spct() and wb2rect_spct(), which useful for annotating plots. The vignette was also updated with a very brief explanation of their use. Contrary to the last three updates, this time I have created and uploaded to the repository binaries for both R 3.0.x and R 3.1.x. I have also uploaded R 3.0.x binaries for all other packages that were out-of-date.

I will continue building binaries for R 3.0.x until R 3.2.0 is released. However, I do the development and testing under 3.1.1 and will start testing under the pre-release R 3.2.x. A quick check seems to indicate that R 3.0.3 does not trigger any problems.

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