photobiology R packages updated

This is two announce that except for photobiologyVIS and photobiologyUV all packages in the suite have been updated. I tried to make all updates backwards compatible. There are also some new packages on which I have been working for some time that I am publicly releasing today. Vignettes have also been improved.

All packages, even those not updated, have been built now under Windows 7 x64, and are compatible also with x386 (32 bit) versions of Windows.

Current versions are:

  • photobiology 0.2.14
  • photobiologyVIS 0.1.3
  • photobiologyUV 0.2.4
  • photobiologyPhy 0.2.3
  • photobiologyCry 0.1.1
  • photobiologyLamps 0.1.4
  • photobiologyFilters 0.1.3
  • photobiologySensors 0.1.4
  • photobiologygg 0.1.2

Names are clear except for photobiologygg (this name may change later). It includes functions for locating peaks and valleys, and “statistics” for easily labeling peaks and valleys in plots produced with ggplot2. This package should considered still in “alpha” status, but I am making it public because it is needed for building some of the vignettes in the revised packages.

As always, please let me know of any problems and or suggestions.

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