The aim of this blog is to inform Plant Science students of scientific advances, current debates about ethics, open-access, repeatable research, teaching approaches, study and exchange opportunities, thesis opportunities and research-work practice possibilities. In fact any subject that can be of interest to Plant Science students is allowed.


This blog’s new address is at the moment: http://www.r4photobiology.info/blog4students/. Contents from http://blogs.helsinki.fi/kasbi-opiskelija/ have been moved here. A few old posts and several old pages have been deleted, as the information they contained was outdated.

You can use RSS the feeds or subscribe to e-mail updates. The RSS feeds and a form for entering your e-mail address are in the footer of all pages. In contrast to the annoying system at the old server, you will not receive more than one e-mail per new post, even if I edit posts to fix spelling mistakes.

When I started this blog I had hoped it to become a communication channel for our division’s teachers and our students. In about two years, I have been almost the only one writing posts. Very few posts have been related to activities or events in our division. Because of this, I am changing the blog’s name to one that reflects better its real contents. I will from now on advertize it more widely and include even more varied content. I also hope to get people from outside my university to contribute, hence the move to a private hosting service and new URL.

If would like to get rights to write posts, please, send me your e-mail address and I will send an invitation.



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