ggpmisc 0.2.15 (CRAN release)

Changes from the previous CRAN release 0.2.14 are:
Add stat_fit_tidy() which makes it possible to add labels or equations with estimated parameter values embedded. To build complex equations familiarity with R’s expressions as described under plotmath will be of help. This statistic supports all the types of models supported by package ‘broom’, which is used internally.

Update documentation.

NOTE: This version of the package is available through CRAN. Documentation website is at


R 3.4.0 released

R 3.4.0 was released some days ago. A compatibility update to RStudio is also available.

The repositories at this site and obviously also at CRAN now contain package binary distributions for R 3.4.x and R 3.3.x.

One major change in this release is that the JIT (just in time) compiler is enabled by default. I have not done any benchmarking yet.

I have written a page explaining how to upgrade your R installation.

The code examples in my book Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue continue to work as expected. However not all the package updates for R 3.4.0 are yet in CRAN. In package ‘gganimate’ function gg_animate() has been renamed gganimate().

The code examples in our book R for Photobiology: Theory and recipes for common calculations run without problems. Due to recent updates to the packages in my R for Photobiology Suite, used in the book examples, fewer warnings than earlier are triggered.

Update: photobiology 0.9.15

The main changes from version 0.9.14 the previous CRAN release, are:

Add methods na.omit() and na.exclude() for spectral objects (R’s default na.pass() and can be used as is).

Laxen range test for cps in check_spct.cps_spct() and for counts in check_spct.raw_spct(), so as to avoid spurious warnings and/or errors.

Make waveband() with no arguments valid and use it as “null” return value.

Static website of documentation generated with package ‘pkgdown’ instead of ‘staticdocs’.

Documentation web site at

NOTE: The updated package is on CRAN.  (Binaries will be soon built.)

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at