How to be a modern scientist by Jeffrey Leek [Leanpub]

A book on how to be a scientist the modern way.

Source: How to be a modern… by Jeffrey Leek [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]

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This book looks very useful for PhD students and also to some extent for more experienced researchers willing to get up-to-speed with the use of modern communication tools and on-line media and forums.

It covers a lot of subjects concisely and is very up-to-date. It is an easy read but full of useful information and ideas.

The e-book has a suggested price, but you can chose to get it for free or pay less if you are on a tight budget. Payment is fully voluntary, so you can also pay more than the suggested price if you want to support the author.


Storytelling 101: Writing Tips for Academics

Some good tips on writing scientific papers are given in the post:

The blog at has several other posts of interest for PhD students. Recommended!

Twenty rules for good graphics

Source: Twenty rules for good graphics

A set of rules, worth reading or re-reading at the start of the new academic year.